Automate your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging with the right SellerSmile plan.

SellerSmile Pricing


Amazon North America

- [ ] Seller Central North America (All: *Starting at $650/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central US (*Starting at $450/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central CA (*Starting at $250/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central MX (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Review / feedback management (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Merchant fulfilled? (+$150/mo)

Amazon Europe

- [ ] Seller Central EU (All: *Starting at $550/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central UK (*Starting at $350/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central DE (*Starting at $150/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central IT (*Starting at $150/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central ES (*Starting at $150/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central FR (*Starting at $150/mo)

+ Review / feedback management (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Merchant fulfilled? (+$150/mo)

Amazon Asia

- [ ] Seller Central AS (All: *Starting at $650/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central IN (*Starting at $450/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central CN (*Starting at $250/mo)

- [ ] Seller Central JN  (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Review / feedback management (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Merchant fulfilled? (+$150/mo)

Amazon South America

- [ ] Seller Central BR (*Starting at $550/mo)

+ Review / feedback management (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Merchant fulfilled? (+$150)

Amazon Australia

- [ ] Seller Central AU (*Starting at $450/mo)

+ Review / feedback management (*Starting at $250/mo)

+ Merchant fulfilled? (+$150/mo)


- [ ] eBay (US - *Starting at $350/mo)

- [ ] Web Store:  Shopify/ WooCommerce/ etc. (*Starting at $350/mo) 

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*Pricing is for average message volumes, which start at ~25 messages per day, across all inboxes or ~10 messages per day, per inbox.
Please contact us for pricing on service above average message volumes.

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SellerSmile service features

  • Free 7-Day Trial.
  • Custom subscription to fit your unique needs.
  • Buyer-Seller Messaging management, 7 days a week.
  • Guaranteed average response time less than 24 hours.
  • Email messaging with customized branding.
  • Reporting including Buyer-Seller Messaging performance and customer insights.
  • Customer service coverage for multiple e-commerce storefronts including multiple Seller Central accounts, web stores,  eBay, Etsy, Walmart, etc.
  • Public positive, neutral and negative product review responses.
  • Public seller feedback responses.
  • Custom setup for unique workflows or necessary third-party systems.
  • Ongoing **messaging tool management and analysis to ensure Amazon compliance and maximum customer satisfaction.

    **For messaging services like Feedback Genius, Feedback Five, Jump Send, Cash Cow Pro, Bqool, Feedbackz, Kibly, Salesbacker, etc.

Pricing FAQ

Does SellerSmile offer a free trial?

Yes! The free trial is 7 days long, so for an 1 week you can let SellerSmile completely manage your Buyer-Seller Messaging. Take a vacation, find a new T.V. show, focus your time on the next important task, whatever SellerSmile allows you to do, we want you to feel what it's like to automate this important, though redundant chore. Try SellerSmile for 7 days, what's stopping you?!  Tell us here:

Does SellerSmile need access to my Seller Central account?

Yes, you invite SellerSmile to manage specific areas of your Seller Central account by granting us certain User Permissions; these steps are outlined these during our free-trial signup process.

When does my SellerSmile service begin?

Once your payment method is entered & verifies, you invite SellerSmile to have permissions in your Seller Central account, and you complete our onboarding survey, then your SellerSmile service will officially begin! After the free 7-day trial, you will be enrolled in a paid monthly SellerSmile subscription.

What is "review/feedback management?"

Review/feedback management by SellerSmile is an add-on service that intends to improve your product review score and/or seller feedback rating by preventing public negative comments, reversing negative scores, or generating positive scores left by Amazon buyers.

To perform this service, we either manually or automatically monitor for new product reviews and seller feedback, then respond according to a strategic plan. These responses can be in the form of a public comment or a direct message through the Buyer-Seller messaging platform and are customized to your business and tone.

In the case of product reviews on Amazon, SellerSmile will make a public comment and when the reviewer’s name appears to be authentic, we perform a manual search of recent orders for that SKU in an attempt to find the reviewers order. If the reviewer is matched with an order, we send a direct message to the reviewer, offering a resolution to their issue, typically in the form of a replacement or refund.

Note, some clients have SellerSmile respond to all product reviews/ feedback, while some focus only on negative comments.


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