What is the Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service?

SellerSmile - What is Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging-

The Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is your lifeline to Amazon’s customers, your buyers.

It is the preferred way to connect with your buyers on your Amazon storefront. Inside of your Seller Central account, Amazon offers a native email service where you, as a merchant, stay in contact with your buyers.

The Buyer-Seller Messaging Service is offered to Amazon’s customers and they use it for nearly everything. Amazon strongly recommends they use this service to contact you because it reduces spam and protects against phishing. [Amazon Help Article on Buyer-Seller Messaging Service].

SellerSmile - Amazon Buyer Seller Messaging Service

SellerSmile – Amazon Buyer Seller Messaging Service

But wait, I’m an FBA seller, doesn’t Amazon do my customer service for me!?

Well, yes and no. Their outstanding customer service is one of the main reasons why Amazon is America’s #1 loved brand [article link]. However, buyers will go around Amazon and use this service to contact you directly about, well, EVERYTHING!

Buyers will ask you for refunds, request you sell your product in a different color, send angry rants, ask how they should return an item, ask about product-specific questions, leave you product reviews, leave you seller feedback, send you high resolution images of your broken product or empty packages, etc., and Amazon holds you responsible to reply in under 24 hours with a response that is satisfactory to the buyer (yes, they can rate your every reply!).

Buyer-Seller Messaging is an underrated opportunity to grow your Amazon business.

Just a few examples of why the Buyer-Seller messaging system is a gold mine for a business owner:

  1. Limited time opportunity to divert potential negative reviews!
  2. Limited time opportunity to win a customer for life with awesome service!
  3. Limited time opportunity to convert additional sales!
  4. Limited time opportunity to influence referrals!
  5. Limited time opportunity to delight a customer into a 5-star review!
  6. Limited time opportunity to learn of critical product defects!
  7. Limited time opportunity to catch product packaging errors!
  8. Limited time opportunity to make your buyer smile! 🙂

Are you prepared to respond within 24 hours, 7 days per week, 365 days per year?

Amazon expects you to respond to buyers in under 24 hours every single day of the week. Have you seen your performance ratings yet? They’re found in the “Buyer-Seller Contact Metrics” section of the Performance Metrics page inside your Seller Central account. Amazon will rate your responsiveness according the the following metrics:

  • Response times under 24 hours (%).
  • Late responses (%)
  • No response for more than 24 hours (#)
  • Response times over 24 hours (#)
  • Average response time (hours, min)

Wait, didn’t you start your own business to avoid tasks like this, haven’t you earned the weekends off from email at least?!

Relax, let SellerSmile handle your Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging.

SellerSmile is premium Buyer-Seller Messaging management, and we work 7 days per week.

Buyer Seller Contact Metrics before and after SellerSmile:

Buyer Seller Contact Metrics before and after SellerSmile

We’re experts, we know how to keep your performance metrics within Amazon’s targets, plus we’ll send you periodic summaries of the most valuable messages you receive from your buyers, enabling you to keep your fingers on the pulse of your customer service without running it yourself. Interested? We have a 7-day free trial >>> Peek at our pricing.